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My Addiction Treatment Philosophy

The System Is So Outdated, It Almost Kills More People Than It Helps

Alcohol and drug addiction kills more than 200 people EVERY DAY in the United States alone. Yet, despite this staggering statistic and the 95 percent failure rate the treatment industry maintains, not much is changing to improve these numbers.

How is this lack of reform even possible?

Here's my theory: while the experts and doctors leading the charge like to call addiction a deadly disease, they don't actually believe that it is one. Clearly. If they did believe that statement to be true, then they surely wouldn't accept treatment programs that fail nearly every patient who walks through their doors. There'd be a public outcry for reform.

I'm unwilling to wait. I'm not just demanding reform, I'm creating it every day in the state-of-the-art treatment center I built in Los Angeles, CA. I struggled with drugs and alcohol for nearly 20 years. Today, I run a treatment center that leads addicts out of their own darkness and helps them end the vicious cycle of addiction. My treatment philosophy and treatment programs are simple. They work and I'm sharing it because my purpose in this life is to save more people from the hell I lived through.

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I have known Ross for close to 20 years and he has always been a stand up guy. He is constantly pushing himself and others to achieve their goals and overcome their personal weaknesses. I couldn't recommend anyone more highly then Ross when it comes to achieving a higher standard of living for yourself.

Steve, 2012

I feel so fortunate that I met Ross at a holistic rehab center in Malibu, CA. He was and still is, my Chemical Dependency Counselor. I credit him for helping to save my life, and I could not hold him in any higher regard than I already do.

Molly, 2012

Ross has helped me regain control of my life. For years I was living in a personal hell. I looked for help all over. His process was so easy and he helped me realize that all the answers that I was looking for, were right under my nose.

Lisa, 2012

I started seeing Ross weekly after my three month stay at treatment. He immediately helped me feel comfortable with my transition back into everyday life. I needed to feel so comfortable with someone that I could tell them anything and Ross has made me feel that way from day one.

Tony, 2012

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