I Spent $1,800 a Day Getting High for 16 Years

But I Found My Way Out

At one point in my life, I had a dozen versions of myself. Twelve different versions of me that I would show people. I was a different person with my mom, a different person with my brother, a different person with my using friends, a different person with my non-using acquaintances. It was exhausting to keep all the different versions straight but I didn't know how to live any differently.

I wasn't comfortable with myself. I didn't know who I really was. The idea of taking the time to try to figure that out was an excruciating thought, so I escaped through drugs. At one point in my life I hadn't eaten or slept properly in two years, and still, getting sober sounded like the most painful thing I could ever do to myself.

Sound familiar?

I was in and out of multiple rehab facilities, continually relapsing because I was so spiritually bankrupt that I didn't feel worthy of living any life, sober or not.

Add to that the fact that none of the experts I was working with ever took the time to show me how to live a life any different than the one I was living, and the cycle continued.

I needed coaches, desperately, and it took far too many years for me to finally find them. But I did and it changed every aspect of my life. I should be dead, but against all odds I'm not, and now I spend every ounce of my energy showing other people the way out.

I built a state-of-the-art recovery center in Los Angeles, REBOS, where I surround every client that walks through our doors with a team of experts willing to meet them where they are, help them improve upon their weaknesses and make true, lasting life changes.

I can show you a better way to live, every step, and build a team around you who will listen to you and actually care about what you want in life.

The addiction treatment industry can't improve without the input of people who have lived through the hell of addiction and survived to tell the tale. Survivors need to have a voice in shaping this industry because it's their voice and their experience that is saving lives.

I'm proof. My clients are proof. You should be proof too.

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