My treatment philosophy is simple: it's an absolute refusal to ignore the fact that sobriety is an emotional state that must be supported, learned and practiced every day.

Addiction Treatment Doctors Boast a 95% Failure Rate

And their broken treatment philosophy hasn't changed for 61 years.

61 years. Now here's the deal—these treatment programs are faltering because they focus solely on the removal of drugs and alcohol. Sobriety is not only being physically clean and sober of alcohol and drugs; it's also an emotional state.

A lot of treatment programs don't teach people how to deal with their feelings and emotions—they continue to medicate them. In many instances they swap street narcotics for prescription narcotics and never heal the root of the issue.

This doesn't work. You must understand, those seeking treatment and recovery come into a program with years, sometimes decades, of medicating every feeling and emotion they've ever had. Swapping one substance for another heals nothing. Removing the substance for the length of time they're in treatment, with no replacement, on its own, HEALS NOTHING.

Relapse doesn't happen because you're walking down the street and you trip and fall into a pile of cocaine. Relapse happens because you haven't learned how to deal with feelings and emotions in a way that keeps you in control and prevents you from turning to a substance.

My treatment programs are built around support systems that get people through the removal of substances from their lives and then focus just as intensely on the creation of their new and desired life.

It's my personal mission to make treatment a better opportunity for a great life, rather than just repeating what the treatment industry has done for the last six-plus decades.

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